Posted by: cptnjamieblacksblog | January 14, 2012

What makes a good blog?

What do you really want to read about on my blog?  And in what format?  What floats your boat?  Feel free to comment on my blog!

I have decided to use quotations as OTHER resources on my blog… so from now on when you see bold in quotations, this is “them talking”  with resources and hyperlinks.  Right now I’m procrastinating on creating my Web Profile to analyse my Key Performance Indicators .  What are you doing to improve your business right now??

Wow, I just came across this fantastic resource called“How Marketing and PR at Speed Drives Measurable Success”.  Ooooh, and I found some advice from Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner: “Bloggers have to network, repurpose their content in as many places as possible and comment frequently elsewhere online. Such as other people’s blogs and Linked in.”

I am passionate about and want the world to know about how to use Social Media! I was wondering where I should network to get people to follow me.  I started looking up forums, but find a sea of overwhelming resources… but the Social Media Examiner is by far my favorite to read, look at and has some great resources, and it’s got that cute little dude that makes me smile!

I am clear… I think. Haha, when I went back to my blog to review it and see if it will make sense to people… maybe it isn’t clear.  

What do you really want to read about on my blog?  And in what format?  What floats your boat?  Feel free to comment.

I am brave!  I can handle it if someone sends a negative comment!  I have practiced in all sorts of different situations.

I am seasoned! Not only in the Social Media realm, but also posing questions, interacting with people, building community and offering engaging scrypt.  My only concern is… is anyone out there reading this?

I think I’m helpful! I think what I am offering is a play-by play on what I need to do to make this happen.

I LEARNED: that I need to offer more and include my entire experience on each subject… much as I’m doing now.  The reason for this is; I just checked my statistics on this blog, and I had 11 people view my RSS blurb… yet I can imagine those people didn’t read very much because it wasn’t very full of relevant and useful material.  Thus my new attempt with this “How is my Blogging?”

I am organized… I think!  Maybe I could be more organized… let me see… So far I am pretty regular with this posting business… but I haven’t seen any comments yet.

I am focused.  And yes I am kept up at night just waiting to re-design my image, upgrade my blog, and get connected.  How about you, what do you think of the Social Media Examiner 8 Key’s to Blogging Success page?

Just so you know, at the bottom of my Post page on WordPress, on the bottom right there is a space that I can add tags… this is what I added:

Key Performance Indicators, Improving my business, improve business, How to Social Media, How to blog, Blog Comments, Improving my blogging, How is my blogging?, Social Media Examiner, Organizing my blog, Getting focused, What is tagging, What are tags, why tag?, tags, examples of tagging.
Hope this helps!

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