Posted by: cptnjamieblacksblog | January 10, 2012

What should I do today

Having a home based business forces you to get yourself motivated, organized and accomplishing things.  So here are the list of things I can think of to do today.

1. Research the main questions that people have for Social Media

2. Create my own company profile

3. Start with the basics of submitting my online activities to search engines

4. Call 3 people.

For #1, I found a great resource provided by Social Media Examiner CLICK THE LINK .  I have to say, these guys really know their stuff and are offering a lot of resources.  Check them out!

1st I read through a couple of case studies… most impressive Sony Case Studies and 1-800-GOT-JUNK CLICK THE LINKS

2nd I collected the tools that they used, and researched them myself, opened accounts and practiced it on myself.

3rd I Google Insighted “Social Media” and found some funky graphs… I’m still figuring out how to embed my Google Insight graph into this blog…


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